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Battle Of The Bands

‘MNN Presents: Battle Of The Bands’ is our exciting competition where each fortnight band’s singles will be played on our new podcast and listeners will vote for their favourite track.

The winner of each heat and the runner up go through to the monthly final where listeners vote for their track of the month. The winner each month gets entered into our annual final and get some prizes for getting that far, the first few of which are listed below.

In December listeners will vote for their favourite song of the year to win a paid slot on the ‘MNN Presents: Showcase’ gig plus even more great prizes, again with more to come!

Prizes: Each monthly winner gets:

  • A framed vinyl of your single from ‘Byron’s Yard
  • Your single pinned to each page of the MNN website for the following month
  • Band branded keyring, bottle opener + more courtesy of  Moomin Merchandise
  • More prizes to be confirmed

The annual winner gets:

  • 20 vinyl singles from ‘Byron’s Yard’ for the band to do what they wish
  • A PR campaign from ‘FatAngel PR
  • A merch box from Moomin Merchandise ready for your merch table
  • A paid slot on the ‘MNN Showcase’ gig* to be held in early 2019. Details to be determined but it’s likely to be a Saturday evening in Birmingham during 2019.
  • A full length feature on the MNN website
  • More prizes to be confirmed

*2nd and 3rd places in the annual competition also get paid slots at the ‘MNN Showcase’.

There is a small fee (see FAQ below for what this is used for) to enter the competition:

  • If you have less than 2k Facebook followers the fee is £2 per single entered
  • If you have more than 2k Facebook followers the fee is £5 per single entered

The entry fee is to be sent by PayPal to MNNReviews@gmail.com on the day of your application.

To enter please complete this form:

If you don’t have a link to download your single, please email the MP3/WMA file to MNNReviews@gmail.com with the subject ‘BOTB’. Please include your band’s name and a bio.

A massive thank you to our sponsors who are making this all possible:

PR.png 28275729_705613802896067_1840869244_o çalişma.jpg


Why do I have to pay to enter? What happens to the entry fee?

The entry fee will be used to book the Showcase gig and ensure that the bands that play that show get paid. Specifics around how this will work will be disclosed as soon as the venue is booked but essentially: Competition entry fee + ticket sales – cost of putting on gig = profit passed on to the bands that play. None of the fee is kept by Mind Noise Network or any of our employees.

Is the entry fee refundable?

The entry fee is only refundable if your band is not featured in a competition.

Why do I have to pay to enter if my band has more Facebook followers?

The reason the prices vary for FB followers is that the more followers you have, the more votes you’re likely to receive. This gives the smaller bands the possibility of entering more singles for the same price. Hopefully you think that’s fair. It’s not scientific, it’s just trying to look out for the little guy.

What if a band is no longer together at the end of the year?

If this occurs the highest voted band on the day we find out will be reinstated as a monthly winner. No prizes would be given for this though.

We’re not based in the UK, can we still enter?

You can still enter however, should you win, some of the prizes may incur a postage charge. Drop us a message if you’re interested and would like more details and we’ll discuss.

When will I find out if I win?

Winners will be notified the day voting closes via social media and the contact email that you provide.

If I win, when will I get my prizes?

A delivery address for prizes will be requested the day voting closes and an expected delivery date given. For non-physical prizes, your contact details will be given to the provider of the prize who will make contact with you within 7 days of the competition close date.

Anything else we need to do?

The only other thing you will need to do is share each Facebook, Twitter and Instagram post that you’re tagged in to direct listeners to the page to vote. Doing this will increase your chances of winning your heat so it is to your benefit.

All decisions will be made by the MNN Editor, Dan Hemming, and they are final.

Note: Prizes are subject to change and may do so from month to month. Entrants will be notified immediately.

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