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Created in September 2014, Mind Noise Network is the result of years of frustration over how music is represented by not only the mass media, but also fans within the scene.

At MNN you will not find any elitism and our opinions will not be bought. If we think something is amazing, we’ll tell you. Similarly, if we think something is shit we’ll shout it from the rooftops.

The Management Team:

Dan Hemming: Creator, Editor and All Round Good Guy (2 out of 3 ain’t bad!) –
“I started my path here after being given a shot at reviewing over at Scribes Of Metal. After a stint at Midlands Metalheads I thought it was a good idea to ‘get the band back together’ and here we are.”

Dave Barlow: Head Of Underground Coverage – Dave started a love affair with heavy music when he first heard Disturbed’s ‘Believe’ album at 6 years old. In the following 15 years he has enjoyed any form of rock/metal music, from the Goo Goo Dolls through to Annihilator. His all-time favourite band is Papa Roach.

Alex Rawstorne: Head Of News – Alex wishes his surname name was Wildheart and that ABBA would reform! He will listen to any type of music but if he doesn’t like it, he’ll make sure to tell you!

The Reviewers:

Adam Beales: Reviewer

Alex Mumford: Reviewer – Fat but sexy…in a fat kinda way. Good cuddler, would pick a Snickers over a Twix.

Anthony Matthews: Reviewer – Anthony hails from the cold wastes of Northern England where the only respite from the howling winds and the feral populace is music. With tastes ranging as wide as the pacific he still manages to only listen to ‘good’ music.

Emily Calton: Reviewer – After seeing Bon Jovi live at the age of 7, Emily has always had a strong interest in music and the rock scene. When not being a music junkie, Emily is also a huge geography nerd

Jodi Burchett: Reviewer – Antisocial. Sarcy. Angry at the world. I love cats and Creeper. Charlie Hunnam is my husband

Lottie Capel: Reviewer – Creeper more times than years I’ve been alive. I enjoy playing bass and spend an awful lot of time playing video games in my spare time. I also enjoy smooth jazz and writing about my opinions on the internet.

Madi Woollard:  Reviewer – Is 5ft but will still cause havoc in the pit.

Neil Aston: Reviewer

Robyn Storey: Reviewer

The Underground Team

Colin Osborn: Underground Reviewer – Colin first developed an interest in music when being presented with a budget glockenspiel in his youth. He has tried various sonic means to recapture the high of first hearing that instrument played. All have failed, but occasionally he likes to write about what he hears along the way.

Tom Mepham: Underground Reviewer –  A big fan of pop-punk, pizza and being a giant nerd. When he’s not listening to music, he’s doing photography or running events (while also listening to music at the same time probably)

The News Team: 

Ellie Ainsley: Favourite album is Deja Entendu, likes cats more than most people.