Nervus_album_art_(1).jpgNervus – Everything Dies

Release Date: 9th March 2018

Record Label: Big Scary Monsters

Nervus is a UK based band well known amongst the LGBT community for their music and constant love and support. The band has recently been on tour with Creeper (December 2017) and are due to be on tour with Milk Teeth after the release of their new album. Their music helps a lot of LGBT people struggling with their identity feel accepted in the alternative music scene and of course giving ALL their fans some absolute bops. The band is quirky and extremely easy to listen to. Happy? Listen to Nervus. Sad? Listen to Nervus. Want to throw some fists to a sick tune? Definitely listen to Nervus.

The album opens with Congratulations which starts off a bit eerie before turning into an absolute bop. In this song the lyrics show the issues of how life is planned out as soon as we’re born or even before we’re born and the expectations people have for us to follow them. The instruments in this song interlink amazingly, giving the album a strong start which made me know that this album was going to be sick.

Each song flows perfectly into the next which is something else I absolutely adore about this album. Just over halfway through the album is the song Medicine, this song starts out with such a soft tone and is absolutely outstanding, the melody throughout is beautiful. The passion throughout is surreal and the outro brings the song to delicate end, making this one of my favourite songs on the album.

In summary, every single song on Everything Dies is an absolute banger. I could make this review 10,000 pages long going into depth about every detail I love about this album, but I honestly wouldn’t be able to begin to put how amazing it and I wouldn’t want to spoil the experience too much for anyone. We’re only in March but this is definitely going to be high in my album of the year’s list. Take a listen for yourself and see what you think and catch them on their upcoming tour with Milk Teeth. Also, do us a favour and have a little dance while you listen.

Rating: Rating: 9/10



March 2018 

W/ Milk Teeth 

13th Bristol, Exchange

14th Oxford, Bullingdon

15th Liverpool, Buyers Club

16th Huddersfield, Parish

17th Edinburgh, Mash House

19th Manchester, Deaf Institute

20th Birmingham, Mama Roux’s

21st Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms

23rd London, The Underworld

24th Bournemouth, The Anvil

25th Plymouth, The Junction