Album Review: Coughdust-Worldwrench

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Coughdust – Worldwrench

Release Date: September 1st 2017

Label: Suicide Records

Coughdust is a stoner/sludge metal outfit from Tampere, Finland, whose latest offering is 6-track album; Worldwrench, released with Suicide Records.

Worldwrench opens with tension-building feedback, before exploding into an onslaught of fuzz, provided by the heavily-distorted guitars and bass. True to their professed genre, the album is permeated with this thick, almost static, growl throughout, and it composes a grim, yet captivating atmosphere for the listener. Atmosphere appears to be the name of the game for Coughdust, as, despite the blatant coarseness of their sound, there’s a definite sense that the components of each track on Worldwrench, have been arranged with atmosphere in mind.

“Serpents of the Earth”, “The Second Principle” and “Gripless” are all prime examples of this approach to songwriting; lumbering, ominous intros that build to a crescendo (aided by harsh lead vocals), and a multitude of riffs across numerous tempo changes, is the order of the day, and all of this juxtaposed against the use of lead guitar parts and solos. Perhaps wisely avoiding out-and-out technical shredding, the band imbue these sections with effects, and even when dissonant, focus on melody to give the listener a brief, but necessary respite from the fuzz-laden riffing. This is all to Coughdust’s benefit as it serves to keep the listener hooked throughout; a vital virtue for Worldwrench to have with songs that are so long.


“Worldwrench” (song) and “Dead Calm” contrast from tracks 1-3 somewhat, by being much more concise in nature, clocking in at a minute or two shorter, and eschewing the dense, drawn-out intros for those more urgent and starker in nature. Last track “Blind” is much more reminiscent of the songs that open the album, but the fashion in which these final three bleed into one another gives Worldwrench a great sense of continuity.

To have the album’s denser, lumbering tracks lumped together, and for the more concise ones to have received the same treatment seems like an odd decision, and there’s a pervading feeling that the EP’s pacing as a whole, might have been better had these been split up differently. Regardless, Worldwrench is a powerful offering, and whilst no-one could ever describe Coughdust’s music as energetic, their raw strength immerses listeners deep in their atmospheric world, just for six tracks. With the ability to do that, it will be very interesting to see what Coughdust do with their potential in the future.


Rating: 7/10

Recommended Track: Worldwrench

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