FRONT COVERSinging their way into Autumn with catchy pop punk tunes, Skywalker have just released their latest EP Sugarhouse

The days grow colder drawing festival season to its annual close, but the atmosphere lives on inside Skywalkers latest release Sugarhouse. Sugarhouse is a five track long EP, packed full of catchy riffs and thought provoking lyrics. Each track has a perfect contrast between traditional pop punk, and modern hardcore. The vocals are the most prominent reflection of this, flowing with ease from clean to scream and back again, in an efficient and tidy manner.

The instrumentation has been carefully structured and placed to build each anthem. The transition between the stylistic changes is smooth and natural, it is clear a lot of hard work has gone into writing the EP. And it has paid off handsomely, the songwriting in Sugarhouse is a real credit to modern alternative music.
There are so many intricate details that build up the layers of each song, even down to the riffs that play in the intros and outros. Two tracks that I feel really reflect this are Drug and Venom. The hard hitting lyrics in venom even are enough to leave anyone recoiling for more.

Overall Sugarhouse proves Skywalker are a band to get hyped for. With an EP this flawless they will be working their way up in no time, I have no doubt we will be seeing the four piece next festival season, enhancing the spirit in person.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended tracks: Drug, Venom, caffeine

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