In wake of their latest album ‘Stumble’, Kings of punk Society’s Ills have taken the time to share a few words with us about the album. 

Hi guys, how are you?

We’re doing great! Since releasing the album a few months ago we’ve gotten nothing but great feedback.  We’re really pleased with the reception of the new material.

What was the inspiration behind your new album ‘Stumble’?

Musically we each have a variety of differing tastes and influences, but I’d say we’re all drawn to faster paced songs with strong melodies and interesting riffs. As for the lyrics, if you read through each song you’ll see a lot of effort was put into creating original subject matter, into avoiding falling into the pitfall of writing the same songs that’ve been written a million times before. So we end up with personal songs, but also a song about the life of Alan Turing and another about Montreal’s own Shotgun Menard who lead quite an incredible life.

Can you talk me through your song writing process?

 Danarky: I do some form of songwriting just about every single day. The second I come up with an interesting riff I’ll record it, and any time I find inspiration for a subject or an interesting lyric I’ll write it down immediately. In the end I produce demos at home and send them to the band and then with the Naj, Skid Marc and Brent Over we transform the songs together until they have the Society’s Ills sound that we’re all happy with.

Where do you hope this release will take you?

We’re in our 11th year as a band, and we did everything we could to make this a professional release – working again with the always awesome Ryan Battiztuzzi and getting the legendary Blasting Room for the mastering, so we’re hoping that some new opportunities and new doors are opened to us. For instance, we’d love to play some more festivals and play more opening slots for touring bands. Most importantly though we’d like to reach new audiences, and so far I can say that based on college radio Earshot charts and Google search results with blogs in various languages touting the album I’d say that we’re on the right path to achieving that goal!

Do you have any plans to tour the album and are there any bands you would like to tour with and where?

We had an amazing launch show at L’Esco with openers Gilbert et les amis de Tom and our good buds Guttrot but as far as tour plans are concerned, most of us have spent a good deal of time out of town this summer so we’re a bit behind on organizing that! We’ll definitely be hitting up a number of Ontario and Quebec dates, and would eventually love to head over to Europe. There are so many awesome bands we’d love to tour with.

As a scene, do you think punk is dead, or very much alive amongst modern music?

As far as the scene is concerned, there is no shortage of bands and fans that are extremely passionate about punk rock – and this we’ve seen consistently in all of our years in operation in every city and town in which we’ve played. There will always be other trends but the punk scene has the best people and is very much alive.

Lastly, what would be your advice for budding punk artists?

We’ve outlived a number of amazing local acts and I think it’s because we’re very good longtime friends and we always enjoy jamming and playing shows. We want to keep moving the bar forward but we’re not going to throw in the towel if we don’t “make it”, because we’d still be doing this even if no one was listening!

Thanks for doing this. Any final words?

Thank you for publishing the awesome album review and for this interview – it is publications such as yours that help independent acts such as ours reach new audiences, and it helps audiences discover new artists… and like us, I’m sure you’re doing it for the passion and not for the $!