SOCIETYS ILLS 2017 COVER.jpgSociety’s Ills – Stumble

Release Date: Available now

Label: Self-Released

With all its sub genres, punk can often be a rarity amongst modern music. Sure you have bands with punk aspects and accessories but finding a piece of music that makes you feel, that makes you jump around the room shouting can be hard to find. Thankfully, Society’s Ills are here to fulfil all your punk needs with their latest self-titled album.

Everything about the eleven track album just oozes punk. It is hard to pin point just what makes the album so special because each instrument holds their own glory.
The vocals are raw, tearing through deep, fresh lyrics. The guitar plunders through reckless riffs, all the while adding to that organic, original sound.
The album is organised chaos. A blend of sounds that stir feelings and awaken your inner punk, protester spirit. Within the first minute of track one ‘Winter’ i had goosebumps.

If you have been searching for that home grown, punk sound, Society’s Ills have had it all along. This release is a real musical highlight in this day and age, the high energy on this album reflects and translates into a physical feeling. With such a solid and well-presented sound, i cannot wait to see where this release takes them.

Rating: 10/10

Recommended tracks: The whole album.

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