Howling Giant – Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2

Release Date: 25th August 2017

Label: Self-Released

The 25th of August marks the date prog metalists Howling Giant will release the second installment of their EP trio: ‘Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2’ and it is every bit bizarre and complex as it sounds.

Each track is a cocktail of different genres. The vocals range from edgy talk singing, to being clean and melodic. The clear production puts great emphasis on the well-blended harmonies, bring out each layer of vocals in all their glory.
From a technical aspect this EP has been molded with great thought and attention to detail, from the wild, adventurous riffs to the sharp, intricate rhythms preformed from the drums. The grunge tones present in the EP come mostly from the bass, this is really bought to light in second track ‘The Pioneer’, where the bass carries the melody and sets the feel for the track.

Over the six tracks, the EP follows a story line and becomes a journey. The diversity in sound between tracks keeps it exiting throughout. Part one of the EP series set the standards high, but ‘Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 2’ exceeds this massively. As a band that are showing strong growth as their career pans out, I cannot wait to hear what unique and exiting sounds they will create for part three.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended tracks: The Pioneer, Earth Wizard

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