Stone-Sour-HydrogradJack The Envious – In Your Own Way

Release Date: 14/07/2017

Label: Self-Released

Jack The Envious might not be a name you have heard before, but it should be. Amongst a fresh wave of upcoming alternative artists, Jack The Envious stand out with their heavy tones and unusual vocals.  The band recently released their second EP titled ‘In Your Own Way’, which is seven tracks long, including a cover of Gorrilaz ‘Fell Good Inc’. It would be an easy song to absolutely flop but the band pull it off well, implicating their own style into the track with ease. I especially enjoy the chorus of this cover, the unique vocals add an interesting twist to the song.

Instrumentally, the band add their own stamp on the metal genre, using melodic riffs accompanied by thick bass tones. The drum work is tight and flawless, emphasised by the clear production of the record itself.  Vocally, Jack The Envious were nothing like I was expecting. As soon as I listened to first track ‘Shut Me Off’ I was half expecting rough vocals or deep screams, instead singer Nir Perlmans voice is almost angelic over the heavy backdrop.

With an EP of this multitude Jack The Envious is a name to look out for. Whether you are a fan of post hardcore music or prefer something with clean vocals, I recommend checking this band out. ‘In Your Own Way’ portrays a perfect display of a band that can do both.

Rating: 8/10